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I am so glad you found me here! I am so passionate around my work with helping you find your way out of the maze of PTSD but I love to create. As the Academy grows this page is going to fill up with lots of fun goodies. And don’t forget to check out my youtube!

My hope is for you to walk away from hanging out with me with some hope for life. So many of my clients have tried everything; as did I. 

YOU are NOT ill. You are a Superhero. Hang in here with me and I plan to show you why… AND how you can use it to find yourSelf! 

Freedom is right around the corner!

You are a Superhero: A Wholistic look at PTSD and Dissociation

You are a SuperHero gives you a unique look at PTSD from the Quantum perspective. What do we do when we are not in our bodies. What are we doing unconciously that if turned from reaction to choice we could take control and use to help us walk out of this crazy house we live in. All of the NETFLIX superheros have PTSD… Take Jessica Jones… Terrible trauma brings forth superpowers. We needed them. We did some amazing things. Now its time to untangle ourSelves from the spells of the past and use those powers out front!

Are you in Your Body?

So many of us took hits when we were young and our magic took over. We got the heck out of there. The problem is we forgot we were doing it… And we forgot how to get back in. This exercise will turn your ability to dissociate into a superpower. 

What if??? YOU can fly!

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I am so excited about sharing what I’ve learned that I that i want to give you a free 30 minute session. I know what it’s like to feel you have tried everything… And tried to believe that each one would be the thing. I know because I traveled that road. Thats why I am straight up and true. Let’s see if I can help guide you to find Wholeness.

Questions to ask yourSelf

Download your free Questions to ask yourSelf cheat sheets for creating distinctions in our world of information.

Am I crazy or do I have PTSD?

What if you are not crazy? What if PTSD did not have to be a life sentence? What if instead you were a superhero… And you just forgot? Take my PTSD Assessment and see for yourself.

Video Resources

If you are ready to see yourSelf and your life a new and different way you’re in the right place. U find that not everyone that experienced trauma has PTSD but those that do are brilliant. We just have to do some work in the quantum to untangle some of your early brilliance so that you aren’t looping back… into those ingeniuse timeloops. You do it… a flash back is an unconscious quantum jump back into a timeloop. It sounds a whole lot cooler to say I have to learn to control my brilliance than to say your… If your intrigued hop on My YouTube Channel.

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