Sexual trauma is one of the largest cancers of our society today, one of the largest contributors, and least talked about population of people suffering with PTSD.


In no other crime is one’s body invaded as in sexual violation. And yet it is one of the most minimized crimes on the planet. 

If your home were invaded… If someone was rummaging through your intimate possessions. Most of us will struggle to feel safe and comfortable and will ultimately move to a new home. 

When someone invades your body? There is no getting away. We drag that crime scene with us wherever we go.

It’s as if someone has stolen a piece of our soul or our life force.

The numbers of sexual violations of children are staggering. According to Darkness to Light, a non-profit committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse, 1 in 7 little girls and 1 in 25 little boys have been sexually violated before their 18th birthday… and as if that isn’t staggering enough only 38% tell. 

What is most common is that a woman in her adulthood wakes up one day with her world… everything they believed to be true… crashing down. Men she knew… Men she loved… Daddy… Mommy’s boyfriend… Uncle Henry… made a choice which sent her world completely sideways.

The Psyche of a child develops in 7-year increments. The first 7 giving us the default lens through which we see the world. The next 7 prepare us for puberty. The natural entrance into the world of sexual awakening and desire.

A human that has been given the opportunity to grow and develop in a natural way has a foundation of Self-worth, Self-trust, and an accurate inner compass. They have the resilience and integrity to speak and act in response to the complexity of thought that comes with the introduction of sex.

Much like the trunk of a tree being able to withstand a windstorm without splitting while a bush gets blown all over the place.

When a child is introduced to sex at the age of 3… or 5… 

  1. They have no words to describe what is happening. 
  2. They are dealing with a fracture or discrepancy between what their bodies are feeling and what their mind is knowing. 
  3. They are having to get up and quite possibly have breakfast with the same daddy that the night before is getting his jollies touching her sacredness. The body parts that more than likely she doesn’t even know the correct name for yet.
  4. She has to keep secrets.
  5. She’s forced into a triangle she doesn’t comprehend.

She’s the other woman?

  • She has guilt and shame for hurting Mom.
  • She learns to forget.

90% of childhood victims know their abuser. The younger the child the more likely the abuser is a family member.

And this isn’t just happening once… rarely is that true. What’s more likely? This is happening repeatedly over a period of years.

She lives in a war zone that isn’t recognized.

She fights the battle of the hero and receives no metal.

She lives with PTSD and is not validated.

She bares our worlds children.

Cycles are perpetuated.

Integrity… inner strength is compromised on all levels. 

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Behaviorally and Spiritually.

For this child fear has entered. With fear comes the need to hide, fight, control or defend.

Complex PTSD… PTSD that comes from childhood trauma are primal fractures. Much like a little seedling tree that gets stepped on, over and over again, it grows in between… split… fracture… leaning sideways.

When fear enters decay is right on its heels. Fear keeps us turned around backwards making our horrors of yesterday into our life today. Our trajectory quickly goes from the flight of a rocket ship to the sideways stepping of something or someone in the shadows.

So, if this is you! Honor yourSelf. You did that! You already fought that battle! Now today you have a choice to dive in and open the doors to life!

Love her enough to hear and recognize her… your truth and know you are amazing. 

PTSD is contagious.

Sexual abuse travels through generations. Unless we choose to stop it!

You can break this cycle so your children can live life with the strength of the grand old oak tree. Strong and solid… Voice intact. Knowing what she wants and who she wants to do it with.

It’s her body! It is your body!

Today you get to choose!

PTSD is not a life sentence! You’re not ill. You’re not crazy!

There is relief for women who are waking up to their trauma!

  1. Listen to yourself!
  2. Validate her. There is no touch too small to cause dis-ease!
  3. Explore what is acceptable for you… what you want and what you need!
  4. The guilt and shame are not yours! You did nothing wrong!
  5. Speak your truth… When your ready! 
  6. You can’t change your mind without changing your environment… So, switch some things up.
  7. Soothe and nourish your body through the water molecule with loose leaf herbs. If you can find fresh that’s my favorite. A sprig of rosemary or lavender steeped in hot water!
    • Rose hip: Soothes stomach muscles and helps with cramping.
    • Nettle: Vitamin A, C, K and magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium, contains all essential amino acids, helps with inflammation.
    • Lavender: Helps improve sleep, helps skin blemishes, natural pain reliever, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, helps relieve hot flashes, anxiety and overwhelm.
    • Lemon balm: Digestion problems, helps with upset stomach, bloating, intestinal gas, vomiting and colic, great for pain relief, cramps, headaches. Aids in relief from mental disorders, including hysteria and melancholia.
    • Jasmine: Headaches, sunburns, rashes, irritability, sexual problems heat exhaustion and sunstroke, pain, anxiety, depression and uterine problems.
    • Red raspberry: Vitamins B, C, and E which are helpful for their immune properties and boosts energy High in magnesium, potassium and iron helps with skin irritations.
    • Skull cap: Anxiety and nervous tension. Insomnia and sleep disorders soothes symptoms of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, helps with menstruation.
    • Rosemary: Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Improves digestion, enhances memory and concentration, neurological protection, prevents brain aging.

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