Understanding the energies at work behind the scenes was an integral part of leaving my childhood abuse behind. After years of traditional therapies, I embarked on a journey around the country. Meeting healers… taking classes… and more classes, I began to understand that my life today was my responsibility. Now to be sure, that bus had been running in the direction that brought suffering for a really long time. By that I mean, I made choices or allowed others to make choices for me habitually. I had fallen in line with the world and had a worm’s eye view of every experience. The world was out to get me…

I had no concept of the power of the words I was emitting out into the Universe. I was unaware of the toxicity of my thoughts, and how the Universal Law of Attraction was taking place.

My search for freedom led me into the arms of Deepak Chopra. Here I learned about the laws of energies. I was introduced to the thoughts of some of the great thinkers of our time. Doctors… scientists who led me right back into the realms of spirit. Clarity began to show up around the melding of science and so many of the spiritual teachings.  

So… today’s science says we are living in a collective dream or hologram. It is as if we have all conspired to make this elaborate movie that spans generation upon generation. It is the backdrop for our learning. We cycle in with a new game board and a new set of challenges. Much like a video game. Each one of us is playing a part… even the ones that have created challenges for us or have caused us pain in some way. Every one of us in the ethers conspire to create just the right experiences for you to become. How we interact with them once we are here… well, that’s our choice.

A video game or a movie isn’t going to keep anyone’s interest without challenges. Right?

We have been dropped into this movie having to figure out where we are in the process. One of the greats says it’s important to discover what eon we are standing, so that we can remember what we know. Interesting? Right?

Someone forgot to tell us.

I guess the rules were accidentally left out for folks like you and me. Doing things differently leads to change, and empowerment. With no tools or rule book on how to do something different, life stays status quo…

No matter how hard we try.

Creating a new life must involve an understanding of how the laws of the Universe work. There are 12. Over the next few weeks we will take 3 laws or energetic rules, at a time and break them down into useful tools for your climb out of “what was.”

That is what it is. Right?


We find ourselves at the base of a mountain of trouble. We have the choice to either walk straight up or we can go around and around. Most of us do a little of both. I know I did. Some thoughts and ideas… some of my stories I was really attached to… as I am sure you have a few of those as well.

So this is a little different for me, but I feel it important for ALL of us to have access and meaning put behind what shows up in our lives. Only then can we begin to take ownership over our choices.

Taking responsibility for our choices puts us back in the driver seat…

We will dive right in with The Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Vibration, and the Law of Action. We will be taking a look at three laws weekly.

Enjoy the ride.

Universal laws…


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The Law of Divine Oneness

Everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us.

So for us… those of us who are really ready to get unstuck, listen carefully. You are them… they are you. All of the hate and anger you feel is hurting you. Whatever you send out in the world… every thought… every word and every action affects youYou are the recipient.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…” has a little more significance if you think that every word that leaves your lips alters each molecule of all it touches… and reflects right back to you.

So the thing is, that we are made up of the same stuff as each other, the animals, the trees… are all water.

So first things first, clean up your words.

  • The Universe does not understand contractions. So take all of those right off of the top.
  • All “shoulds, woulds, or coulds”… lose them too.
  • “Try”… gone as well.
  • Construct your sentences to lean forward versus back. By this I mean,”I don’t want to do that…” moves to “I would prefer to do this instead.”

For those of us that need proof…

I love the research by Masaru Emoto. His studies proved that thoughts and words affect molecules of water. He took containers of water and spoke to them or labeled them with words. He then took water from each container and froze it. Under a microscope the molecules took on different forms. Ranging from extraordinary snowflake shapes for those labeled love or thank you, to deformed and cancer-esque when labeled with violent or hateful words. He also did studies with different water sources around the world and was able to create change gathering meditators to meditate and pray over the water. The before and after slides are shocking.


So in light of this divine oneness and the effects we have on water, could we make a leap as to the havoc we are creating in our environment and the world around us? Can we begin to take responsibility and ownership for the slumped shoulders of our children after a bout with our words. If we can affect water to such degree in a lifeless container, what about the water that makes up the bodies of human and animal life? Imagine the role this will play in empowering our children in life. We can watch our words and tone change the quality of life in our house plants. What sort of an effect are the accumulated words of the world population having on the environment? On the earth’s plant and animal life… on the earth’s water sources… or… could the accumulation of heat that lingers after the spew of unkind or violent words be affecting our atmosphere? Water is the main ingredient in all you see and know to be solid.

Just sayin’!

Moving on…


Law of Vibration

Everything in the Universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns, the same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills in the Etheric world. Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.

I think our most common expression of the action here is music. We all have experienced being in a situation where a multitude of people were singing the same words. We can feel those words vibrating right into our soul. Much like the ring of “Amen” or “Namaste”… we can also look to the effects of hard music with violent lyrics. We can watch the mood of our kids take on a sultry air. We pick certain music to take us to intimacy, just as we would choose the bells or the bowls to usher us into meditation.

Our words resonate out into the universe affecting all that they touch. And just as with the “Namastes” and the “Amens,” they coagulate into what is called a morphic field created of words and emotions of like kind. So as the words are released, we are reaching up and pulling to us, with the intensity of all who ever had the same reactions to an experience, words spoken with the same intent.

A perfect example is the escalating loop we tend to circle in when we get angry. The more we see, the angrier we get until often the reaction is disproportionate to the incident. Not only are we showing up with the kitchen sink of prior experiences of our own, we are pulling down all of the feelings that others had when living similar experiences.


Super important to be discerning as to what sort of information you are choosing to interact with. Your music, your entertainment, news… And what sort of information you are releasing!


Law of Action

Must be employed in order for us to manifest things on earth. We must engage in actions that supports our thoughts dreams, emotions and words.

 The law of action is one of my personal favorites. Lofty thoughts and ideas are just that if they aren’t creating changes in your life. I like to think about the GPS as a great example of how this law works.

First, we have to know where we are. We then have to have clarity around where we want to go. And finally we have to start moving. As long as we sit in the parking lot… crickets.

Now many of us get bogged down here with right and wrong. We stay sitting frozen in fear of making a wrong turn. Let me let you in on a little secret… there are many different routes to get from point A to point B! No right, no wrong… just little day trips… and that little voice guides us back on course.

Sometimes we just need to get out there and jump up and down a little bit to shake things up. So the key here is to just start walking in the direction of your dreams. Take steps that are in alignment with your destination and listen.

So I am going to leave you here this week and allow you to measure these words against your life. See how you can utilize these laws in your current circumstances and with an open mind… see what shows up differently for you this week.

Changing you changes everything!

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