So if you are back here with me this week, you are obviously ready to figure out how make changes in your life. To do that, we must first have an understanding of the back side of the game. The energies that are whirling around behind the scenes and our participation with them.

I like to kind of compare this to the internet or electricity. We know it’s there. Information… Power. It is somewhere. We aren’t sure. What we do know is that it is beneficial to us if utilized properly.  We understand the rules around these two energies and use them to our advantage. We know that we don’t plug a washing machine into an outlet wired for a lamp. We at least have a vague understanding around the “do”s and “don’t”s… what is safe and what may cause harm. Right? 

Universal Laws or Truths are the energies at work behind the scenes of your life.

Last week we took a dive into the Law of Divine Oneness, The Law of Vibration, and the Law of Action.

As we learn and know more about how the energies actually work, we can turn our attention to how to modify our words and actions to be positive, in order to activate the universal laws to create the changes we want and need to see.

Cause here is the million-dollar question… Do you want to be an extra in someone else’s movie, or do you want to play the lead in your own? Your choice… and you can make it today. Choose to change, and choose to be empowered in your own life.

The Law of Correspondence is a favorite of mine. As above so below.


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The Law of Correspondence

The principles or laws of physics that explain the physical world: energy, light, vibration, and motion have their corresponding principles in the etheric.


I love this. Everything that is on this physical plane has an ethereal equivalent. Our blaring example is the umbilical cord. In our given dream, we have our child… we push them into the world. We take a pair of scissors and we sever the cord that has our hearts beating as one… and then we go lay them down… over there. And we never really think about that cord again.

As above so below.

To any of those that have given birth know, way down deep, that is never severed. If we sit still and tune in, we can always feel our kids. We can know when they are in danger. We know when they are hurting… we hurt with them.

“Mom has eyes in the back of her head.”

Here is the super cool thing… or super scary depending on how you want to see it.

What flows through us flows through them always. I have watched it over and over. When Mom chooses to heal, everyone heals. We are feeding them with the quality of energy that runs through our bodies.

Our efforts to keep the waters back… the energies that it takes. We are tired… way down deep on the inside. We don’t let them see… the kids don’t know. We make sure to keep up a happy vibe on the outside for… them. We can’t understand why they are struggling. We are “doing” everything right.

Great intention but wrong idea. Right? What flows through the cord is what is way down deep on the inside. The fear? The uncertainty? The sadness? The running?

“When Momma is happy everyone is happy.”

Change you and watch your children shift miraculously right before your eyes. Start to untangle your story and find empowerment…and then your children will be empowered. See how that works?

Another example is people from adoptive situations that have the deep call to find their birth parents. They overcome obstacle after obstacle. But the pull of the cord is strong.

Maybe she has tried hard to forget. Maybe she has built a life where he has no part to play. But there he is at her door step declaring I am yours.


The Law of Cause and Effect (…Or Karma)

Nothing happens outside of law. Every thought, word, and action has a reaction or consequence. We reap what we sow.


Most all of us have heard of karma. The word is thrown around flippantly when we want someone to get theirs. Right? But what about us? What sort of quality of output are we releasing into the world? Are our thoughts spewing hate? Are our words painting us into the victim role?

Karma is like a boomerang. Like this law, for every cause there is an effect, and vice versa.

When we wish pain on someone, we get back suffering of our own.

The clearer we are, the faster it comes back around. So clearly define to the universe what you want, or need…and stay positive with your thoughts.

Let me share.

I’m standing on my porch last summer with a friend. The sky is whirling black and the rain is coming down in blankets. Oddly the thought pops in my head, “I hope my roof doesn’t start leaking?” And, of course, I chose to take it to the next step and say it out loud. And voila! Water starts pouring in, using my chandelier as a faucet.

The world is built on the words we speak. Again remove all contractions. The universe doesn’t register them at all. So what I plugged in was, “I hope my roof leaks.” Yikes!


The Law of Compensation

More commonly known as the Law of Giving and Receiving, The Law of Compensation is karma applied to blessings and abundance. The visible effects of our deeds in the world in the forms of gifts, money, inheritances, relationships, and blessings.


We activate the law of giving and receiving by giving, my friends. While in line getting coffee… buy the person behind you a coffee. If you are coming out of a store and someone has their hands full, open the door. When we are stingy in our giving, the universe is stingy in our getting. If nothing is going out, there is nothing to pull back in. It also lends us a sense of feeling empowered. It is a rewarding feeling to help others.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Gratitude is another huge factor here. So often, we are given gifts and we brush them off. We are given miracles and we explain them away. We are given kind words and we don’t hear them. Forming a gratitude practice puts us in action around searching for things to be thankful for. What happened in your day? Find three things that you can be thankful for. Did that perfect parking space show up when you were late? Did someone hold the door for you or say just what you needed to hear? Look for it. It’s there. And the more you notice, the more you will be given to see.

Changing you and how you show up changes the world we see.

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