It is such an amazing time in our world really. A kind of push back to the beginning. I find most often, unfortunately, life reaches cartoon proportions right before big changes show up. Much like how science is now recognizing the cellular connection of Mom and child, beyond just their DNA. Sort of life’s way of backing us out of default; forcing us into making new and different choices.

I find that we are in this exact space not only on the big issues we face outside of ourselves, but within our nest. Our families are suffering. We have adopted philosophies… or no, that’s not the right word. Ideas, as to what is necessary and important in our lives from others whom benefit greatly by our falling in line. This growing epidemic. It is not just happening here in Columbia, MO, or just the Midwest. It’s across the country. We have been told what to eat, what to wear, what to think, and how to give birth. Many of us from just a few weeks old.

Many are forced to hand their infants over to total strangers at the ripe old age of what, maybe  6 weeks? And we go along. Our bellies yell out in resistance as we leave our crying creation with people that we hope and pray gives them what we aren’t able. While we are out earning the dollars that puts roofs over our heads the government takes possession of our children. From the age of 6 to 8 weeks the government and total strangers have the responsibility for what goes into our children’s heads. We are given a few minutes in the morning which are laden with to do’s and a short time in the evening that is filled with laundry, dinner and I love this one… homework. So not only does the government structure the time that they have our children, but they struggle to control when they are in our homes as well.

And we have listened and we have taken their words to be true. You know the ones that say our children need everything… but, MOM!

Often at the end of the day we find the money to be basically a wash.

A choice? We forgot that we even had a choice.

But you do! Each and every one of us have choices to make, each and every second. Right?



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Stop! Look around!

Collectively, we have birthed everyone here! Collectively, each and everyone carries our DNA, and at a cellular level, we carry theirs.

We are the direct connection to the Divine. He/She chose to recreate himself over and over again through woman. He entrusted us with that. Our bodies were created to support and nourish and protect.

We are one.

Science today is saying that mothers have DNA of each of her children in her brain, her heart, her gut.

I am sure throughout there were ways to know. We are connected to them always… as above so below. The umbilical cord…the perfect example. We are forever tethered to our children. Not just emotionally, but on a cellular level.

Man does not, or has never, been given the opportunity to experience this depth of connection. Not like the emotional and scientific connection a mother shares with her child. Ours is at a much deeper level.

Except through his connection to his mother. DNA? His mother bears his, but… not so he with his children.

We as woman were entrusted with this recreation of God… or Universe Manifest in its most vulnerable state.

Unless we make a deliberate choice to move in a different direction. We make that choice and we make it with absolute intention… or the child… well they are going to find us. Right? They are going to follow their umbilical cord right back to Mom.

If we take a slightly different look at the Book, the backbone for the philosophies our country was built on…  whether we like it or not… It is true.

What if it was meant for us, BUT was interpreted by man?

The Bible begins with a story of woman. A story when asked of her the responsibility for Him, she walked away. She turns away. The infamous Eve. They even go so far as to claim for her the pain of childbirth for her choices. Followed by 10 birth stories. (I find it no mere coincidence that the number of the powerful mothers totals 11. One of the numbers of mastery in numerology.) With each story Mom’s role grows to ensure we understand how important it was for these great men to have been supported by a great mother. Mothers whose intuition guided her to what was needed and sometimes in place of wants.

Right up until the final story. They decide that we are not getting it so they write man completely out. In the book she is central to the story. Not perfect by any means. Right? I mean she forgot her son in another town after the festival. Ha-ha.

The rest of the book shows her son standing beside women, directing back the ridicule of men, with stones in their hands.

His stories point to what a difference loving, nurturing, attention can make.

We have the mustard seed which asks the question will you throw your seed on the gravel where it has to struggle to find earth? Will you bury it deep forcing it to struggle to reach for air? Or will you plant it with care and nurture it until it becomes the magnificent tree it was intended.

Sounds like the journey of mother and child to me. Told in a man’s way of course. Her early choices shape his life for the 100 years he occupies space on this planet. The ancient Ayurvedic’s claimed the first 7 years to be the lens that shapes our world. What and how we see ourselves and our place, our worth in society, is formed by the age of seven. My grandmother… a mother ultimate… six kids of her own… and me. Plus 52 foster kids. She knew a little bit about the psych of children. She claimed the glitches almost irreversible if she didn’t get them before the age of five.

Modern Science today says the age of two.

As I traveled in my search for my health, my values… Me. I had two different Shamans in different parts of the world impart virtually these same wisdoms.

We need to Remember!

Women need to remember. The world will change when women choose to respect themselves and respect each other. When she chooses to accept her place in the order of things. She is the Creator… of life. On that day, man, will respect woman at large.

It is ours, today. The changing of the world. Through DNA, through education, through self-respect.

Everyone here, even the ones that have labels or the ones that have caused harm… well they all had Moms too… somewhere.


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