How slippery is the slope between the Watcher and the Accomplice?

Thank you so much for taking your moments to join me here today.

I think that many times in our silence, we don’t understand that we are, in truth, supporting the inflicted harm.

That’s not a thought we have.

What if you were the driver of the car and your friends went in and robbed a bank and you knew it was happening?

You are an accomplice.

So if we’re in a space of allowance and excuses around people that we love’s behavior are we not an accomplice as well?

How often as a kid, I would hear:

That’s just your dad.

That’s how he is.

You know, uncle so-and-so, you better walk up a big circle around him. Right?

With the common knowingness comes a communal acceptance.

Responsibility lies on the child to stay out of reach.

Any address to the situation will be directed towards the child as a hushed warning.

If we choose to stay with someone that is consistently causing harm that is your choice… Until the moment that the behaviors begin to harm your children, your friends, your parents, your family.

And you’re allowing it, you are an accomplice. No one in the situation has a choice but you.

Just because we are victims or survivors does not give us an exempt card.

If in your silence, you in turn claim some level of ownership in the outcome.

So in our family structures, the organs that make up the collective body of humanity, we need to recognize that.

We collectively need to understand that being a watcher causes just as much harm if not more.

When one is witnessed being harmed a deeper level of Self degradation is embodies.

The slope becomes slippery between the Watcher and Accomplice!

Take the situation of the bully. We may know and witness the behaviors of the bully but instead of addressing the bully we tell the other child how to avoid the bully.

There’s no authority here.

There’s no personal respect here.

And there’s no accountability for the other parties involved.

As we step into this humongous gateway of change and dip our toes further into the age of Aquarius… the age of reason, these realizations will bring this body of the collective into balance… into justice!

If you can identify yourSelf with the characteristics of a Watcher, think about the consequences of that in the outcome… and not only to you or to the one being harmed but the door is left wide open for the harmful behavior to continue.

We are actually supporting it.

In the recognition of our part we can move into action… a place of authority and integrity… in those situations and either defuse them or remove oneSelf and those in our guardianship out of harms way.

Whatever actions that need be..

When someone is trying to distinguish the environment, understanding the levity of the watcher is really an important threshold for many of us.

In the end the biggest betrayal if that of the Watchers.

The moms that choose to stay in spite of her husband molesting the children.

Let’s be real… If you know your husband is cheating across town I find it hard to believe you don’t know its happening down the hall.

Our choice to close our eyes comes at a cost. The ultimate anger of the adult child is you.

You had a choice and you chose him instead of me.

I hear this cry over and over.

So wake up, wake up Watchers.