The Wisdom Circuit

Now that you are comfortable in your body Its time to activate the Wisdom Circuit.

The wisdom circuit gives us access to our instant knowingness.

Many of us, in response to the circumstances in our environment, we unwittingly turned it off when we were children.

In many cases, it was causing more pain knowing and being denied or seeing and not being heard than not knowing at all.

I don’t know about you but ur guts yelled out truths and we could not listen… We were in no position to challenge what was our normal… So we dismantled it. 

Are you one of the ones who spent your lives stuck in your left brain cut off from your creativity and joy, or do you operate from your hearts cut off from our knowingness and wisdom leaving us trusting when it is not wise. 

So often I here, but I love him… I see who he can become… If I just love him enough.

We have our intuition, our analytical and creative thought and our gut knowingness turned off.

It is seldom in our best interest to make choices based on information from one source.

This is why we feel we can’t trust ourselves or our decisions. 

We must find balance and justice in our approach to life and that begins with understanding and activating the wisdom circuit.

After bringing people into the corpus callosum for years neuroscience is finding it to be the control room of our brain. 

I see is it as the connector of information. 

As we settle ourselves into our control room… the corpus callosum.

The corpus callosum is the passageway between left and right brain.

For those that have experienced continual trauma the passage way becomes narrow and thick.

As we enter our bodies through the crown of our head and rest into the corpus collasum. We allow ourselves to notice where we lean. Are you left brain or right brain heavy?

You notice and find balance right in the center of that passage way.

Stretch it out. And much like a level we allow that bubble find balance or justice.

As we draw the energy that rides behind the eyes back to connect into the corpus callosum as well.

With the balance we see the circuit connect from corpus out to the left brain. From corpus out to the right brain. Information and energy is received from the third eye into the corpus callosum as well.

Creating a triangle from third eye back, to left brain, right brain, with a line down the center connecting the third eye in directly to the corpus callosum.

Interesting enough what I see resembles an ancient symbol of the triangle with the third eye at the top. It is just missing the direct connection back from the apex of the triangle… The third eye to the control room.

The next stop in connecting The Wisdom Circuit is the heart. 

Science says that we have brain cells in our hearts… Thinking cells. 

We need to activate them.

From your seat in your control room we drop down into our hearts. We watch all of those brain cells in your heart lights up as the circuit connects from corpus callosum to heart. 

As we drop down into our gut we witness all the braincells in your gut light up as the circuit connects from activated heart to gut.

When the wisdom circuit is connected we are gathering information from all layers of our being. This is where we access those knowings that rise up from our belly forming clear, concise information. No deciphering necessary.

When we are gaining access to information and it feels all complicated and confusing you know that there is intellect or ego involvement. Humans love to complicate things. It makes us feel smart.

Spirit is Simple… Spirit is Childlike.

So play with this. See it. 

Our brains love to measure so measure your change. Always measure and celebrate even the smallest changes.

Where attention goes energy follows. What we want to grow we measure.

What feels knew and different?

How is my response to the world changing in the coming days?

How does the energy in your body feel different?