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They Are Because We Are

We as woman are the direct connection to the Divine. Nature… the Universe… God… Whatever terms feel comfortable and right for you. Nature recreates humanity over and over again through UsWoman. We take that for granted. We shrug our shoulders as if it means nothing.

I like to think of most things energetically. When we think in terms of energy and even bring it down to an electrical socket. The big pool of electricity being the Divine, the outlet being us as women, and man being the plug on a lamp. He lights up after his charge through you. He touches that space through you. You are always connected there.

A Woman standing in her power is nurturing to all life. She can see through the eyes of another. She can rise high enough to see what a person needs versus what they want. She can extend love and compassion to the world at large and see past just her own. For she is Mother to all life.

We are the magic… we just forgot.

In most other species the male is the one that has to fight and scrape, strut around, jump up and down to get noticed.

I think we got mixed up.

What we know about our femininity is given to us by men. What to wear, how to act. In some parts of the world, they decide if we have a right to live, or they mutilate our bodies. They have been our filter for knowing who and what we are. Interestingly would any one of them have been here had you or I not made the choice and the sacrifices for them to become? Hmm. Even the religious texts, that give many their foothold, have been interpreted by men. What if they got it wrong? What if those books were meant to demonstrate the importance of womanhood and the importance of our role in producing kings and Gods? Instead of the focus being on the end result? I mean in the ultimate Christian birth story the writer places the focus solely on Mary and her choices. He writes man completely out of the process in his attempt to grab our attention.

We Are Why They Are.

The quality of women, define the quality of men.

We as a whole gave birth to every human on the planet… And here in the United States, we fought hard to choose. We gained the right to give life or take it away. If we gained the choice to end life then each day that we choose not to, we are choosing to create life. Every choice comes with responsibility. Every human being had a mother. Even the ones we label “BAD”. One of us did that. One of us birthed them and one of us was his/her mother… or not.

Now in understanding our importance comes the responsibility of living up to it. Right? Man’s input into the creation process… internally… What? 2.2? From there it is an external choice. There is no umbilical cord connecting them. They choose to be in the game or they don’t. They don’t even have to know life was created. But for us, we are there. We are up at night with kicks to the bladder. We can feel their tiny little hiccups. We are the ones with the breasts that feed. They are you, but separate.

This is ours… A man has other responsibilities. If he were meant to nurture, God would have given him the milk.

The only time we are of one body with another human being is when we are living inside of our mothers. We then spend the rest of our lives chasing that feeling. The feeling of true unconditional support and unconditional love. Because during that time, even if her mind is somewhere else, her child is getting all it needs and wants. It is being supported to become in all areas. Safe, warm and fed. Once birthed… Mom has a choice. Mom becomes God on this plane… She has the power to give life in all of its abundances or to take life away and leave lack in its place. Together we have the ability to connect, creating a grid of life that rises above all things. This grid collectively feeds all living things… in all ways.

The Gifts Bestowed on Me I Pass on to You

In my travels, I was privileged to be given this message by two shamans. Same message from different parts of the world. Each took me off, individually, and shared with me the importance woman will play in healing the planet. It is ours to do. We birthed everyone here.

Plainly put… healing comes to the planet at large first by women respecting ourselves. Investing in what brings us joy. Spend time understanding where and how we are dispersing our energy. Self-care comes first. Just like the airplane stewards and stewardesses say, put your mask on first. Have clarity on what we are bringing to the table. How we show up affects everything and everyone around us.

You are the center.

Secondly, they each in their own way emphasized our need to respect and support each other. Somehow, we have turned on ourselves. My visual example for this is female elephants or a pride of lionesses. Those gals stick together. They support one another. They work together to nurture and protect their young.

Finally, the world will shift with the health of our children. It happens first within our selves. We can only give them what we have to can give. Our energy runs forever directly into our offspring. We may cut the cord on this physical plane, but everything has an ethereal equivalent. “As above, so below.” The cord from mother to child cannot be severed. What goes through you goes to and through them. Always. In healing our selves, we heal everything and everyone around us. I love concepts that show up throughout all sorts of mythology. When Momma is happy, everyone is happy. Stepping into this place we understand that we are Mother to all in our environment. Your pets… your plants… your home… your neighborhood… your community.

Their message was a call to look inward so that we can begin to look outward.

I encountered a Buddhist tradition on one of the journeys that became a powerful tool for me. The conversation was around archetypes. The activity was to choose to be infused with the energies or an attribute given to a god or goddess that you would like grow or nurture in yourself. In your research allow yourself to be guided by your attention. Which ones suck you in and why. In a sense, let them choose you. Then after entering into a light meditative state, I like to do it at the beginning, after I get settled in, and request to be infused with the power or attributes of the goddesses or gods of your choice. We can look to the power of the animals as well. I mingle the two myself. Say I want to be infused with the strength, courage, and dignity of the lioness. I am infused with the loyalty, connectedness, selfless service and trust in oneself of the elephant. Choose three and work with them daily. I have created a list of goddesses and spirit animals accompanied by their attributes to get you started. You can access it by downloading the following worksheet.

Keep your arms inside the boat and allow the shifts to happen…


I have a direct connection to the Divine, all life comes through me! I am Woman!


Do some research on powerful Goddess and Spirit Animals.

Here are a few to get you started:


• Isis, the Egyptian goddess who represented earth, fertility and all aspects of creation

• Saraswati (Hindu), knowledge, music, arts, wisdom, and learning

• Persephone, who rose from the ashes of pain and suffering to come back once again to her place as a goddess of spring

• Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity (both material and spiritual), as well as the embodiment of beauty.

• Mary is known as the dispenser of mercy, the ever-patient mother, and protectress of humanity, and special protectress of women and children.

• Durga is considered the mother of the universe. It’s only right that such a powerful deity have at least eight arms, ride a lion, and be able to defeat demons that other gods cannot.

• Nu Gua, the Chinese goddess established the norms for marriage and developed the rules of conduct between the sexes.

• Coatlicue is the Aztec earth goddess, creator, and destroyer of earth, mother of gods and mortals, the one who gave birth to the moon and stars.

• Ninsun, a Sumerian deity the mother of good offspring that loves the offspring.

• The Akan people of West Africa regard Asase Yaa as Mother Earth, the earth goddess of fertility and the upholder of truth.

• Danu is said to have literally suckled the gods. In Irish mythology, she is the mother of the earth, the gods, fertility, wisdom, wind and of all the Celtic people.

• Artemis, a key Greek deity, was most commonly thought of as the goddess of the hunt.

Spirit Animals

§ Grayback or female gorilla… clear concise communication, respect of self and of others, wise and unpretentious, great ability to hear, she stands with dignity and nobility free from arrogance, and love to be in community.

§ Doe or Female deer… a graceful balance of the male attributes of mastery, authority and protection combined with the female traits of love, nourishment, and surrender, she moves with intention, awareness, and speed and can change direction quickly while staying completely centered. Stillness.

§ Owl… wisdom, intuitive knowledge, the ability to see what others don’t hear what others don’t, ability to discern truth from behind falsehoods, magic

§ hummingbird… The lightness of being, joy, present in the moment, Independence, playfulness, the rise in energy, Swiftness, ability to respond quickly, Resiliency, being able to travel great distances tirelessly

Healing the planet is ours to do… We birthed everyone here.

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