Beliefs that keep US small

Something that’s really on my heart as we move more deeply into this new paradigm is the weight of religion in many ways on our growth Spiritually. 

Being human does not create separation… Seeing yourSelf as anything but a Spiritual being choosing to be human is less than what was intended!

There’s no need for it.

We were given a pretty direct roadmap!

Anything I can do you can do and more!

I came from the Bible belt. So what I know inside and out is Christianity. In my studies, my research and my travels around the world, what became very clear to me is that the man who began this movement that became labeled The Christ... is not about limitation.  There’s nothing about his teachings that are about limitations to humanity on any level.

To be Human is to be Spiritual!

This man was a rebel.

He was a rabbi… And he was pushing against everything around him. His mission was to create space for humans to know their greatness outside of the constructs of religion.

Again… He was a Rabbi.

As humans we took that blue print and squeezed and shrunk it to fit what we could comprehend. 

The same constructs that He struggled to free Us from.

We have to understand back in his time, there was so much slavery and the religious leaders were in bed with the ruling government and the people suffered and the higherups gained.

With the March of Christianity infiltrating the world it also destroyed half the population. Any beliefs outside of what these humans decided was punished.

The crux of His teachings have been hidden away and forgotten.

Anything I can do… You can do… And more!

Volumes of his teachings have been with held from us. There is said to be a large compilations of his words under glass in the basement of the Vatican. 

For our sakes or theirs?

I love magic. I love the power of the mind. That moment when science and spirit meet sends chills throughout my body.

He knew and understood all of that.

He was here to show us what we are capable of and he left a clear blue print on how to achieve our greatness. Even amidst the human stories that are in the Bible. His words stand apart. His words are action and change. They are truth and truth cannot be disproven.

Mental illness… Spiritual gifts…. Psychic abilities

Anything I can do you can do and more.

He was saying, you are, an amazing, gifted, brilliant being who can understand and create magic, create change, live the life that you want, be happy, be joyful. And instead we’ve, we’ve fallen into a state of slavery from another level.

To be Human is to be Spiritual!

Because nothing about this man’s message to the world was about limitation. Constantly, even in the words that they gave us, anything I can do, you can do, you can move mountains with your mind. Greatness is the real message. 

You can see those molecules. What does it take to create fire? What does it take to turn water into wine or, or help this man come back into his body and breathe again? 

I had a client reach out to me the other day… Cherie, I boiled water with my eyes.

Anything I can do, you can do.

The action of the do in His message… Anything I can DO you can Do… got tangled up with our human need to label Him, so we stuck Him and his teachings over in the God category.

Consequentially that claim made any sort greatness or authority over thought or matter unattainable… And in many cases, in many religions, blasphemous to even think that we could be That.

I’ve never said I am God, it is you that say I am. 

I don’t know what to say to make you stop saying it. What I am saying is anything that I am accomplishing, you can do and more.

He’s also never claims to be a healer, right? Never. 

He says, it’s your strong belief that you can be healed that creates the healing? He wasn’t waving a magic wands at anyone.

His was a call into integrity. To be a Human full out! Spirit in human form! A Spiritual human!

He pushed at the corners of belief because story and doubt undermines everything. 

God is NOT present in the stories of doubt and blame!

If fear is present God is NOT!

God, Universe, Source is Growth is all about growth.

My message here is the religion that you choose should not limit your growth. It should not keep you sick and afraid.

Religion should never be a limitation to ones evolution in our integration with the ONE that IS!

Everything this full realized being spoke to was growth. He left a roadmap to possibility, His was a call to bring your magic to this planet, right here right now. 

Tap into that. His call… Rise up and look around and understand what eon you are standing in.

Wake up. Understand what round of the game you are in and remember what you already know.

Often in my work, people will say to me, well, I don’t know. I’m a Christian. I think this would be against God. I don’t want to go against God or I don’t want Him to get mad or feel I betrayed Him.

What I want to say is why would your wholeness and growing to your full potential be against God.

That’s the game. Your personal evolution and your participation in the collective evolution are why you are here.

With any game, each round gets more detailed and more complex until we reach a level of mastery.

Why would we strive for mastery in a game with a controller in your hands… but not in the most elaborate of all games.

God recreating himself in you to become a fully realized human… How long is it going to take? 

To be Spiritual is to be human and to be human is to be spiritual.

Anything outside of that is a conscious separation.

We are in a time when it is imperative to question everything you think you know and weigh it against growth and fear.

If fear is present God is not!

if you do believe, believe full out and understand that there is nothing that should be limiting to you.

You reaching your capabilities in your life development and your evolution into being a fully realized being is the game.

Using His words… Attaining the state or vibration that allows us to be in the world and not of it can only be attained when we can fit through the eye of the needle.

 To fit through the eye of a needle… He’s very literal. No stray fears. No stories. We stand naked in truth.

To be in the world and not of it. You are not being normal. To be in the world and not of it you are not following the mass.

You are leading an army in the other direction.

You’re not ill…. You are Brilliant!

And there should be no limitations around who and what you can become. Anyone, any structure calling you to the smallness of other wise is dumbing you down.

You need to walk away,

Allow the idea of your brilliance to start seeping in. Turn your attention to things that have shown up in your life that are extra. And by extra I mean those things considered extra-ordinary. Those moments when you know who and what you are!

What if those extra ordinary experiences could be every day occurrences. 

You get to choose. Extra ordinary or normal.