Today I Choose to See What has Been Hidden!

So often what we hold as our truth and what is right can be two very different things. Our stories hold us captive.

We can have five people in a room, and they will come away with entirely different versions of the truth. Is that because what they believe about the world, themselves…their bias towards different structures of thought such as religion or race. And we claim our version as to be reliable and golden.

Healing comes when the illusion is stripped away, and we see what is real and true.

When we are operating out of fear, we see our circumstance through a pinhole. We miss out on the subtleties.

Science says that the human brain takes in 400 billion bits of information per second and the average person utilizes only 100 bits.

So you see you are not doing anything wrong we have to step out of what we think we know and turn that into a treasure hunt for your truth.

In the missing pieces, the unseen parts, we often find what we need to gain forgiveness. Forgiveness is a word that means something different to everyone. Here I’d like to think of mercy as the liberation from guilt and blame.

Now not in any way am I negating personal responsibility for the abuser but what I know to be right in myself and my clients is that the blame and guilt keep us trapped in the hell they created for us. But here’s the catch…they are long gone, and we are still sitting in hell.

I was working with a fantastic woman. She was in her 70’s. The trauma she endured as a child was horrendous. She lived in a house with her grandfather, her aunt, her mom, and her sister. She felt herself to be targeted. She had no idea why. She had a deep hatred of her aunt. Even with the mention of her name, her face would physically curl in distaste.

With her willingness to see the truth. We quantum jumped back to a cluster of trauma on her timeline. It was like a honeycomb. And through these experiences, she was able to see that there was a lot of missing information in her story. Not that the information excused her aunt’s behavior, but it did give her a basis of understanding and compassion.

Quantum jumping, astral travel, and dissociation are all the same thing!

Through Quantum jumping we can traverse time and space. The connection is so total that a person can walk into another place and time. While to the universe, both of “you” still exists, your awareness of who you are coalesces in one reality, often leaving the other out of reach, out of sight, and out of mind.

Now the cool thing about this is that when we jump back, it is not as if you are going back as the child and reexperiencing what you already know. Instead, you are going back to discover new and different information as a grown up. You are going.

As for this amazing woman when she went back she saw that her aunt had been taken as grandpas “wife,” and as a very young child, my client had stumbled into knowing. She saw them in bed together. Now the aunt? This was her life. And what came after was eternal punishment for the little girl. The good news is that my client was able to hold the little girl, comfort her, explain the truth and ultimately she was able to integrate her and the molecules trapped there back in the reality that she has chosen to live in today. So now when she speaks of her aunt her face has compassion versus disdain.

Now to be explicit Forgiveness or truth has nothing to do with liking someone.

My beloved mentor Deepak Chopra Said to me pain happens, but suffering is a choice. I was incensed. He asks Cherie when was the last time these people hurt you. It had been 40 years.

Forty years that I allowed this experience to define my life. Yes, people do bad things but when we let the wrong things to be all we can see. And in truth our version of the wrong thing. That unfortunate incident becomes your life.

So I want to leave you with a great little exercise to jump-start your treasure hunt. In this where’s waldo frame of information. Go on a quest for three new and different things in your environment. And at night before you go to sleep remind yourself that something new showed up. This can quickly turn the constant thought of your little 100 bits into inspiration and creation.

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