I love this part. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. Kind of like the feeling we get when were standing in line for a ride on a roller coaster. Our standing at the top of a snow run down a mountain.

Our Quantum Leap into Wholeness!

I call this the baby Buddha stage. In the spiritual world, we are called to the question… who am I?

For those of us moving from suffering into life the more appropriate question is Who do I want to be. Because today only I get to choose what it means to be me.

When we are truly healing… We are breaking down structures of thought that keep us trapped in the stories of yesterday. The stories, the thought structures keep us tied to our abuser. With our thoughts, we keep dragging them back in. Which is the last thing we really want?

Now as we are healing we can judge the space we are in by the words we choose to describe it. I know for myself I am a victim of childhood trauma turns into I am a survivor which turns into When I was young I was violated sexually. Here there are no defining qualities attaching me to the incident.

Energetic all three feel very different. Just think about where the power lies with each of these declarations.

We are releasing the power the circumstance and the abuser has over us with each phase of this evolution. Leaving space!

Space we get to fill. With whatever we want. It’s like freeing up a bunch of space on your hard drive.

I find with my clients that most often there is a long list of clear declarations that they use to define themselves around what they don’t like who they don’t want to be. How they don’t want to behave. Most often this is all leaning in the negative. So the challenge becomes taking the time to be strategic with choosing what to fill this new found space.

Kind of like buying a house with a few extra rooms. Are you going to rush out and buy something to just fill up space or are you going to invest some time exploring your options?

So first I would like for you to write down the names of a few people that you admire. And why.
Sit quietly and close your eyes.
What qualities do these admired people possess that stand out to you? What is the essence they carry with them?

Are there qualities here that you would like to be known for in the world?

Because here is the thing, people remember us for how we make them feel. Not the things that we have done.

What essence would you like to leave in a room after you leave?

Now in your quiet time. If you meditate add this in. Begin to call in the qualities that you want to be.

Say I want to call in the resilience, the tenacity, and the ability to create the change of Oprah! I would like to call in the energy of meditation and the brilliance of mind of Deepak Chopra. I would love to call in the wisdom of Athena… or I want to call in the great energy of motherhood from our great mother Isis.

Here’s the thing! You get to choose. Have some fun playing here!

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