Why Today I Choose?

This is a game of Choices and Today you get to choose!

I was at an event with Deepak Chopra and he was talking about us choosing our environment. And I got very riled, coming from a childhood where I felt I had no choice into adulthood where I felt like life was just imploding and happening to me, I was in complete resistance to this idea. And in expressing that he very kindly said to me, when was the last time that these people hurt you? 

I said, I was16 or 17, and he just smiled, again, very kindly. He said, And how old are you now? And I thought my head was going to explode. Right? And what I realized though, as this journey has taken me around the world and back is that, back to that wonderment of childhood. 

All through my childhood, I felt like I was playing a game and I would say that to people and they would get incensed by it. The thought was taken so personally.  I went to Catholic school all the way through my eighth grade year. I spent a lot of time in the hall, in my state of questioning, I had the nuns turned upside down with the idea that maybe, just maybe, we were playing a game. 

Now I read recently that there are like three NASA scientists that say that we have been playing a simulation much like a video game. It kind of reminds me of the movie  much like the movie “The Matrix”.

The kicker is we forgot and we became very personally entrenched in the character in the game. 

We can move into the action of playing the game versus the game playing us by using Buddha’s wisdom of  detaching from or depersonalizing the emotion around an experience. 

That’s the goal, right? 

To be in the world and not of it. 

This is a big game of choice. Like the ‘Hunger Games”.

The religious traditions call it the game of life. Each has their version free will or opportunity for choice. The way our life progresses is completely relative to the choices we are making. 

Now, science also says that every moment, which is 90 seconds, every minute and a half, we are given six alternate choices or tendril timelines. 

Much like routes that are displayed in your GPS, you can take the scenic route or you can take the straightest route through, right? 

These tendril timelines, each represent a choice and the results and consequences. The continuation or trajectory that that choice would have on our future is playing out right now. 

When we grow up in a home where domination and trauma are the norm, we don’t get the opportunity to learn to make choices. Instead we get to feel like life is happening to us and we don’t have any way to maneuver it. It’s like the reactionary space of a pinball game right.  

Could it be possible that as our state of awareness and our state of integration grows and we move into integrity and wholeness, we start recognizing when we are making or not making our choices… or could we have allowed them to pass us by in our wait for the Knight in shining armor to come in and fix things for us and take care of us. 

We have turned our choices over to almost anybody that’ll pay attention to us.

To be a master in this game, we have to take back these choices. Today I Choose what I want!

This is your game. 

It is imperative that we spend time and energy around what’s acceptable for us… What we want and what we need!

And in that we find clarity.

Now, every game has a goal and has challenges for us to get through. The point is to get from here to there, the straightest line through, the fastest route. Right? 

That is what the game’s about. Right? In any game we choose to play. 

There is no right or wrong. Today I Choose and leave stagnation behind!

I remember very clearly different points in my journey where I was handed opportunity and I chose to walk past. Could my journey have taken a completely different trajectory? Absolutely. Was it wrong to walk the direction I walked? Absolutely not. 

Every step we take is an opportunity for us to gain information, in that moment. 

Science also says that in our awareness, we’re taking in, 400 billion bits of information per second. 

When we take this idea of good and evil and depersonalize it we are in the land of duality such as the Democrats or Republicans. We live our life where we choose to put our attention in this 400 billion bits of information. Just like where’s Waldo. If we didn’t have those little icons at the bottom to focus our attention we would just be in a state of overwhelm. Where we put our attention becomes our world.

Here’s the thing the average human is operating on a measly 100 of the 400 billion bits of information.

We have to be very conscious of where we’re putting our attention because that’s our world. And that is our choice. We can spend all of our energy focusing on a problem, or we can recognize the problem, not take it personally, look at it in a state of solution and find the straightest line through it to the other side. 

OR we can take life so personally that we feel like we’re in a state of difficulty all the time, back to life happening to us. What we need to understand, in this space of depersonalization, games are played with us solving problems. That’s what a game is, right? That’s what makes it fun. It’s like a puzzle when we don’t get emotionally involved in it.  We are operating out of curiosity versus distress. 

What can I do to move this needle forward? 

I really like to use the idea of the GPS. We put in our current location, our destination and we choose which way we want to go. There is no wrong way. No right way. There are scenic routes and the fastest route. You get to choose your experience.

As we are moving into a place of choice we are stepping into the control room.

Today I choose  personal responsibility.  

We are conscious of the impact of our choices and the trajectory they’re taking our lives and the consequences or the reactions that our choices are having on the environment around us. 

Our world is not going to change until we understand how we’re impacting it.

Where are we handing our choices over to others? How are we in resistance to what is in the highest and best for humanity and every living being on this planet, including the planet itself. 

Humans today are operating like the dinosaurs of our time. We are walking forward devouring and destroying everything in our path.

You and I can change that. One choice at a time.

Now I have an audio series that I love that people really enjoy called. Today I choose…. Seven minute, mind altering, a quantum movement into choice-making.

We have to be very conscious of when we’re not making our choices, because no choice is often the biggest choice wherever we’re going to make. Whoever is stepping into that space is going to have some personal gain involved in their choice making for you. We have to know that. 

The Today I Choose audio series is three levels meant to take you through a progression on consciousness around taking back your choices. It takes seven minutes a day, and we work with one of these audios until there is no resistance in your body then we move onto the next one. Let your body guiding through this course. Your body knows everything you need to know about you. It is your system. It’s your operating system at your hard drive. And it knows. So rock it out and let me know how, how you feel, how you feel different and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Now we’re up, we’re physical. We’re moving, we are dancing.  There’s action involved in shifting your field and working these thoughts loose. This is supposed to be fun!

When we get to the finish line , there’s no blame, there’s no fear because we’re in absolute responsibility for who we are, where we stand. What people are going to walk away saying about us, whatever. It doesn’t matter because you’re going to be you no matter who’s in the room.