Love… It’s a garbled word at best. We reach for what we see in the movies. Our mind longs for the ideas of the love within a family. 

We look to our parents as an example of what relational love should look like.

We measure the level of stability and balance in their interactions with us.

We see behind the icing of what they are presenting as love and we struggle to find what love really is when taken out of the idea column.

As we move out into the world of external relationships, we learn quickly that love means something different to everyone we interact with.

And love becomes work. We work hard at loving our kids. We work hard to love our partners.

We try to think of other people but what is true is that none of it fits inside the ideals that we carry in society and in our minds.

And we suffer in the name of love. 

What is real and true is love is balanced. 

Love is Just.

Real true love gives people what they need to grow over what they want. 

Love is truth.

In our 3d world the purest example is the love of a mother for her children. When she chooses.

Mom lives in the We. She manages a microcosmic universe with diplomacy and authority. She is there to support and encourage while teaching with most every moment. 

A mom knows the importance of Self-care. She knows what it takes to stand sharp and out of emotion.

Many of us haven’t known this depth of love. 

As we move deeper into the age of Aquarius there is a lot out on the sound waves about love and operating from the heart.

Which sounds great. Yet again every human’s definition of love is different, and our heart is just a segment of our Wisdom Circuit.

The last age was the analytical brain focused age of science and thought which again is just a segment of the Wisdom Circuit.

The Quantum Therapeutix™ process is centered around the quantum entanglements trauma has caused throughout our personal timelines. These entanglements, or time loops, or karma eventually have us at a standstill. Energy is not flowing and creating pockets of stagnation.

As my work deepened I was taken into the quantum realms and I began to witness an astonishing activation of this circuit in my clients.

And with the activation came a growing level of clarity, discernment and personal responsibility.

The foundation for a balanced love of Self.

You see love isn’t acquired it is a state of beingness and that state can only be achieved with an authority of Self.

Wisdom is different than knowledge. 

Knowledge is something you learned from another or you read someone else’s thoughts in a book.

Wisdom is a completely balanced thought that rings of truth in all levels of beingness.

We have been taught on many levels to live from one section of this circuit or another depending on the traditions you follow.

Today the “live from your heart” is ringing out with the rise of Spirituality.

I would like to offer that living in balance and operating from wisdom is LOVE!

Many of the people I work with are operating feeling separate and isolated. They feel abandoned. Could that be because they really because are. 

Their astral body abandoned ship along time ago. A reunion in necessary.

Corpus callous illustration
Corpus callous illustration

As we guide their astral body back into alignment with their physical body, we create activation in the corpus callosum. 

Nero science is claiming this powerful nerve bundle to be our control room.

I see it as the control room of all operating systems on all levels of beingness.

Energetically, Physically, Emotionally, Behaviorally, and Spiritually

Dropping down through the corpus callosum we find balance in our heads. As I guided people into drawing the energy that rides behind the eyes back into the corpus callosum I began to see that upper circuit connect. (Goodbye headaches)

The appearance of the upper circuit in my awareness triggered a similarity with the ancient symbol for the third eye. With one distinction the connection into our control room.

The information is drawn in through our eyes… all three  converging back into the corpus callosum and the left and right brain.

In the rise of heart focused training, it became clear to me that in operating strictly from the heart we are eliminating a vast amount of information. That is seldom wise.

We know that our heart and our gut both contain brain cells. I began to witness the circuit connecting down from the corpus callosum into the heart igniting all of the hearts brain cells and from the heart down into the gut completing the circuit with the activation of the guts brain cells.

The Wisdom Circuit rivals our chakra system with its vast importance and size. With our system gathering and processing information efficiently we can move out of overwhelm and Self-doubt. Self-Respect and Authority of Self is attained.

And only then do we truly have the capability to BE love and not just think about it.