We have this picture of the idea of enlightenment, or waking up from the slumber as I like to call it, as the dawn of peace.

Think again.

When we are waking up, we are tearing down the stories of everything and all that we know. One story at a time. Each time we think we are finished… Okay this is it… the next one pops up.

Enlightenment equates to being stripped naked, only then can we step through the eye of the needle…

What we interact with becomes solid. What becomes solid bears weight.

So staying mindful is the key.

We have chosen to manifest ourselves on this plane of existence for the sole purpose of learning. This is our school. The faster we digest this fact and incorporate it into our lives the easier things become. Life then becomes less about the circumstance and more about the straightest line through. What part of the situation are you going to make your truth?

Quantum physics says that every possible scenario is present for every moment of the day. Our existence is based on which scenario we choose to interact with. What we interact with becomes our truth. What we interact with becomes our story. Our story is what we tell ourselves and others about what happened to us.

Our story is not Truth!

Some of it is. Maybe a sentence or two. But the rest is our choice of words.

The test is that the world loves to get us distracted from truth. Hell… this is it my friends. This world is a place for learning.

Suffering lies in the story.


I wake up on a Tuesday. The sun was shining and it promised to be a great day until I got the phone call. My daughter… fear seeps through the phone lines. “What is it I ask?”

She had been living in a rental home which became infested with mold. We got her moved and settled with the hope that with a little time and the help of the antibiotics she would heal. She had developed quite a cough. The first time she goes to the doctor they check her lungs and said they were clear. A week or two later she is coughing up blood. The second visit they found what they deduced inconclusively as pneumonia. Two antibiotic shots and two z-packs and a new home later life seemed to be getting back to normal. Until…

Her voice is trembling… “They found a mass in my lung.”

What? WHAT? WHAT? 

This 32-year-old, vibrant young woman ran 5 miles the day before with a mass in her lung?

It made no sense. Yet this is the direction our train was going and it was moving at warp speed. Testing began the next morning with urgency. As we all know urgency in the medical field as bogged down as they are… Yikes.

So here we find ourselves X-rays and CT scans, a bronchoscopy biopsy, lung wash, 15 vials of blood 5 cultures and more than a few miracles later.

… A lesion on her vocal cord, a lesion in her upper left lung and a large lesion in her lower left lung.

The day that changed everything.

We start the day with Danielle sharing that she imagined the antifungal they gave her like an army marching in to take back her body from this foreign being. I was so grateful that her intuition took her into alignment with this medication. She had never been sick… had never really taken medication. We had the conversation earlier that her body had worked hard and has done all it can do. It needs some help. Don’t fight this medicine… you need it. She was resistant to the entire medical process, yelling at the universe “No way is this a possibility! I am a healthy person!” I ran 5 miles at the beginning of the week, she continued to say. Only inspired to go to the doctor because of a bruised rib. This was a sneaky being taking up house in her body.


Save this affirmation to your Pin board!

What you interact with becomes solid.

Our day of answers brings us to the ENT concerning the lesion on her vocal cord. The waiting is excruciating. She is about to bounce out of her skin… from her we go directly to the hospital for the biopsy. Fear is pouring off of her.

Miracle one.

He claims he didn’t know if it was ever a lesion at all… maybe a shadow. He looks for himself. Nothing. If it was there it was gone now.

We celebrate this breath of good news as we make our way across town for the next phase.

Her spirit is higher than it had been most of the week. The male nurse goes through the entire procedure. Explaining what and how they were going to do the procedure. He explains that all of the tests have come back negative so far. She looks at him and asks does this mean that cancer is back on the table? He smiles a sad smile saying this test is the final call. Most everything else has been ruled out. You are 32 years old we need to figure this out. If you were older 70’s or something we would take more time and wait to see what the medication is going to do but again you are 32. With that he leaves the room to return with the doctor. He explained that he was going to try to get a specimen from the upper lesion. Again, he explains that most everything has been ruled out, cancer is a strong possibility. They take her back. What was to be a 45 minute procedure turned into 2 hrs.

Finally, alone to sit with the information the tears began to fall. I allowed it. I call her dad and shared the news with him. But by the end of the conversation I said no… This is not true. I don’t see it at all. “This is not true,” I said out loud.

What you interact with becomes solid.

I get up and head back inside to ask how things were going. I am told to have a seat and she would check. Running behind schedule, the nurse finally comes out to declare that the upper lesion had also disappeared.

Miracle number two.

So not cancer I say… He smiles and says no she got a pass today. They biopsied the lower spot and they found it to be hollow. Cyst like. He congratulates me with a hug and leads me to her room.

She is sitting in the bed smiling. “I told you mom. I told you I didn’t have cancer. I am a healthy person.”

Without the need to explain them away, miracles showed on the heels of horrifying news. Through the whole process, doors were opened. From the phantom pain that got her to the doctor in the first place to the swiftness with which things were built and knocked down.

What you interact with becomes solid.

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