I’ve been asked some questions around what it means to depersonalize our experiences. 

By depersonalizing, I am not meaning that you’re not feeling things. What I am meaning is that to turn this corner we have to stop taking everything so personally.

If you are taking things personally you are steeped in emotion. The whole moment has become about you.

We can go all of the way back to Buddha. Many of the great teachers talked about detaching from our emotion and the necessity for that separation to live in any sort of right minded way. 

No need to start piling on the guilt! Society teaches us that our feelings are who we are.

It’s not true. It’s just not true. 

Unless we are very clear and present, feelings are most often skewed by yesterday, unless we’re very clear, and we are very present. 

Unless you are the operating like the Dali Lama, with your energy and awareness focused forward in the world like a child. He lives in the sweet spot… back to the wonderment of childhood.

I love that. 

But for you and I… If we’re coming forward and a huge wave of emotion hits us, It behooves us to be aware of its relevance on the moment. 

Just because you remember it dosen’t make it true. Past emotions almost instantaneously color what becomes our memory.. 

What does it mean to depersonalize?

Are we stepping forward in truth or illusion? Have we accidentally scotch taped yesterday all over our current experience and inhibiting our ability to make rational choices. 

We’re operating only from our heart.

We are left vulnerable and searching for information.

When the heart is cut off from the rest of the wisdom circuit our only avenue is to connect back to past experience.

The Wisdom Circuit connects our left brain, right brain and our third eye into the Corpus Callosum. Neoro science claims the Corpus Callosum to be the control room of our brain. The circuit connects the corpus callosum to the brain cells in our hearts. The heart connects and activates the brain cells in our gut. 

That’s the wisdom circuit. 

If we’re just operating on one piece of that, we’re going to be in a struggle. When we’re operating only from heart, we’re in a space of emotion. That’s not serving you and it’s not serving the people around you. 

What does it mean to depersonalize?

By depersonalizing, I mean, stepping back, just taking a few steps back and go, wait,… What is real and true right now… Here in this moment. 

We move past it feels like what happened back last week and see clearly what is happening right here. 

We can take the attachment we have to our feelings with a grain of salt. 

Could it be possible that E-motion could have been intended as Energy-motion detectors, E-motion, in this field of 400 billion bits of information?

What if we were meant to use these detectors as more of a notification?

Motion detectors alert us and focus our attention.

Not identifiers of who we are?

If we’re living there and operating from a space of anger, or fear…

We are in illusion. Yesterday takes over and today is wiped away.

If we are using words like always, should, would, and could we have turned backwards.

You have choices to make.

If you’re not making them, then you can’t blame anyone but you…, And I know this from experience. 

What does it mean to depersonalize?

So depersonalizing means giving yourself some space between the experience that is happening before you. This gives you the space to connect the dots and bring the emotion into balance or in justice with the moment.

You deserve that! The people around you deserve that! 

We call that being emotionally sound!