What is Justice?

This concept, in many different forms, has been rolling around my mind for many years as I was rising out of the suffering and anger and angst and pain and confusion of my childhood traumas and what the matrix or the game or the story did with that. 

As I got older and spoke about my experiences, and I put more words around them, I began to understand there are many levels to the meaning of justice. And I think our world has really settled into the most primal space… where justice is punishment.

I don’t believe that to be efficient. I don’t believe that to be what was intended.

The symbol for justice is scales. And what do we want from a scale, but balance right. 

Justice is balance. 

We are talking balance on all levels of existence, right? Beginning right here with us. Deepak Chopra asked me one time and I’ll tell you what, I was infuriated, he asked me how long it had been since I was last physically hurt.

I said, I was 17.  He said, so who was responsible for all those years from 17 to today? 

Justice starts right here with personal responsibility.

Being aware that any time that we’re pointing a finger of blame. Any time we are pointing a finger of blame, we are denying the personal responsibility of making or not making our choices. 

Science says we are given 6 alternate tendril timelines every moment each containing a choice. A choice creates motion or momentum. 

Every Moment!

So when have we ever found it to be true that another human is going to play your game in your best interest without running it through the filter of effects the choice will have on them Selves. 

This is rare for sure…

So justice Is a requirement. It is the word of the day on every level, right? Black and white male, female,  Democrat, Republican, haves have nots… the call is there ranging from the collective to the nucleus of our families. 

So many of us have delt with the lopsided sense of loyalty and justice of the familial support of abusers while shutting out the victims .

We have got to find a place of justice or balance, right? 

Down to the most primal… Who do I trust? Where do I put my allegiance?

I call this place a space of right mindedness. 

Because us being here, is us choosing to play this game.

I like to think of the movie the Hunger Games. Games are about you progressing from start to finish. Games come with choices to make and circumstances to get though. While helping people along the way is important and intended you are still playing the game. The point of the game is still to get from here to there.

The object is to be in the world and not of it.

Being able to stay right minded… Solution based and not lulled or affected in anyway by the chaos or the destructive nature of what is happening out there.

Just like a superhero we bring all of that power here and walk right down the middle. Dealing with each circumstance in real time. Making our choices not affected by the chaos, the destructive nature of what is happening out there and being able to stay in a right minded action oriented, solution-Based mindset.

How amazing would that be to be in the world and not of it?

The game is played here on all 5 levels of being… Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Behaviorally and Mentally.

Justice begins with you. A spiritual being choosing to be human is different than a human having a spiritual experience.

A human is Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Behaviorally and Mentally all at the same time. HERE!

I love questions. So please, please leave your questions, in the comments and I will speak directly to you. 

I think that for us to walk forward in the world in a new and different way, we have to start really picking apart the upside down.  As we begin to question all we believe to be true we find our truth and that’s what these few minutes are about… A shift in thought. 

I would like to share with you the link to put to book your 30 minute free call. I’d love to talk to you. I’d love to see what we can do to create activation in your life, right here… right now… to get you moving into action, be that moving from a place of crisis, with PTSD or a place of stuck, or a place of boredom, a place of complacency, any of those places. If we are occupying any of these energies we are not doing what we came here to do, right? So I’d love to have a conversation. And as I said, that link will be in in the comments. And I hope to see you back here tomorrow.