We did That! You did That! FireFly Women Rising’s Retreat!

October 20, 2017By Cherie Doyen

Text Transcript

Wow… What an amazing 4 days.

Women Rising’s First of many events, FireFly Retreat was a huge success and it all came together because of you, your deep pockets and your even deeper compassion.

How many times do you get on the other side of something like this and say it was perfect… There is nothing that I would change. Being the wife of a college professor for many years… the parties that I was in charge of hosting… I don’t think I ever got on the other side without there being something that I wish I had done differently. Here… it was perfect.

The Firefly Retreat was focused on women who have experienced childhood sexual trauma, Human trafficking victims or domestic violence survivors. They showed up, they worked hard and they Rested.

And you know… So many of us… We have been there. We have been knocked down and by the draw of straws we were spared the cycles following us into our adulthood… Just barely.

These women are the heros of our modern day world. Saving me, saving you… Saving your children from the hands of those that cause so much harm.


They struggle to see how amazing they are.

Here we are a few weeks out… I hope they walk a little taller… Hold their heads up a little higher.

Hero’s each and every one of them!

So, it has become my life’s work to help as many of women rise from their suffering and create a life that is worth showing up for!

Here we are on the other side and already looking to the next time.

And a big old thank you to each and everyone of you for helping us to make this happen.

If you or anyone you know is struggling to free themselves from the cycles of childhood trauma… If you keep choosing the same man… Different costume. Or the cycles that have run your life are showing up in your children’s path please reach out. You don’t have to suffer and neither do they. Putting an end to the suffering once and for all is possible. I did it and so can you!

And here’s the thing… Today you get to choose! Most traditions point us towards the question of who am i. Not US… Our question is who do you want to be? And the amazing thing is you get to decide…. One choice at a time.

Breathe…. Sounds nice dosent it!

Please don’t allow yourself to suffer another day… Maybe… Just maybe its time to reach outside of what you think you know… and grab a hold of something new and

Changing you changes everything!

Book a discovery call and lets take a moment and see if I can help… What have you got to loose? For more information you can contact me at CherieDoyen.com

Changing The Face of PTSD

July 24, 2017By Cherie Doyen

The power of my time with the indigenous Waitaha and the thread that ran through this New Zealand trip fell into perfect alignment with who I am… Where I have been… And what I have chosen to do with it all.

Home… Family… Do No Harm!

I shared my story for the first time hiding behind the shirt tails of Junebug, the leading character of my first novel by the same name. From this vantage point I was given the space to watch the story of my life play out as an adult and really listen and see her journey from all angles. I could see her struggles standing beside her amazing wisdoms. The experiences into different realms or realities, interactions with beings outside of what we have made solid is where she gets her truths.

You see, my journey through childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse fuel the passion that has kept me moving forward. I was in therapy and drugged for 30 years. On the outside, you would think she had a great life. I owned a successful salon. Married an amazing man… an actor. We had two beautiful daughters. What the outer picture didn’t show is what happened when I turned off the lights and locked the doors to this thriving business. The mask came off. I hurt all over. Couldn’t keep any food inside. My body was dying. My mind was caving in on itself. I went home and slept and got up the next day to do it all over again. Sometimes. As I suffered those that loved me and that I claimed to love suffered.

Deepak Chopra, my teacher and mentor said… “Pain happens but suffering is a choice.”

This became my moto for finding freedom. I was angry. I was incensed and I sat with it. How many years is it going to take for me to breathe my first unlabored breath? As I rise I look around and see the multitude of others chained in the same prison. My promise to them was and is… I’m coming back in with a map and a flashlight.

An interaction with a Medicine Man in Baltimore spoke to me about the magic of woman. The Creator uses woman as the vessel for the creation of life. She chose woman as the guardian over Her in Her most vulnerable state. We forgot. We forgot Our magic. We forgot Her power. In remembering… Woman finds respect. Respect of self and respect for each other. In remembering we acquire wisdom… The wisdom of the Grand Mothers??

The Medicine Man told me of the tribune of Grand Mothers. Each choice made by the elders was sent through the women for approval. If they deem the proposal unsound back to the drawing board they go. Balance.

A shaman in Ireland spoke to me about the children. He spoke to me about woman’s power and the importance of home. Home… What is that? Not a house. Home… which I felt in my bones for the first time with the Waitaha. Welcome home… the first words I heard.

The shaman spoke of the need for woman to step into what I call MOM ENERGY, and heal ourselves. Rid ourselves of the cancer that undermines our lives and the lives of those that our choices affect. It ripples out. It ripples throughout our lineage… backwards and forwards. Like a hummingbird. The rules don’t apply.

PTSD is the cancer of the mind. It is the cancer that stealthily winds its cells around and into every choice we make from underneath… We don’t know it’s there until it starts affecting the outside.

These threads that run through time as cycles… Are a chain reaction to the blips on our timeline. That point when an outside choice was made that had an adverse effect on your programing. You began to make different choices. And so did the reality around you.

PTSD keeps us in the backward flow of reaction. A reaction that never gains momentum. When in this state of reaction, we are surviving… but merely functioning. We are on guard and responding to what is showing up versus the forward motion of action. The state of action is like a game of chess. Your senses are blazing and you are at attention. Taking your time to consider what you want and how you’re going to get it. What is acceptable? Who do I want to be? How do I want to be Remembered?

PTSD is the call to remember. It is the pull of those parts of us that have been left behind. A fragment of your soul, trapped, living in the loop of that same experience over and over again. At that point of the blip… that point where… in reaction… we decide that we are going to do something different—we are going to create a new reality.

The medical world calls it dissociation. I call it REALITY HOPPING.

Astral travel and dissociation? The same thing. One is a choice and the other a reaction… Today. It was a choice the first time. In all my studies, I hear no talk about where we might go when we leave our bodies. You don’t just disappear. You travel. You reality hop.

Science says that every possibility for every moment is happening all at the same time.

At that moment when things were too much we chose a different one.

We may have slivers of a memory. Maybe the beginning and the end, or you remember nothing. That black hole that you feel on the inside. It’s like amnesia. It doesn’t matter how great this new reality is on the outside, we are haunted by all the versions of ourselves that have been left behind.

Time is an illusion and you already know how to travel. So the object becomes a rescue mission. We rescue these childlike versions of you and we bring them home. Bringing them home means you come home.

Here is the secret. In those loops, trapped beside the pain, is the wisdom… the ability to laugh… the ability to dream a different dream. You still know how. Trapped there is a you that had depth… flavor. A you, before you got stretched out over numerous Realities… REALITY HOPPING.

With each integration, our life begins to round out. I think about those paper dolls that we used to make, cut in layers, they folded out to numerous versions, all connected, of the same form. Each can function in and of itself. But each one you fold back in adds depth… fullness… wholeness. In the body and in the mind. Spirit soars.

Often the childlike words that come through at these times… Oh I feel taller. Or I feel stretched out. My arms feel longer.

To a person who sees energy, people appear denser, more vibrant.

Science says that there are no more molecules in the collective dream we call reality than the images that we call imagination or the realities we experience when in meditation or dreaming?

Often in the beginning I am asked… How will I know this is real and I am not making it up? My response is “who cares?” Let’s give it a try and see if you feel different. I mean really. Like everything that I have tried in my life while searching for myself. If you feel different… if your life starts to change? Who cares?

Reality is what we choose it to be.


January 6, 2017By Cherie Doyen

In our world of chaos and dysfunction we are constantly being bombarded with talk of the need for boundaries… the need to create walls big and small. We must protect ourselves, and our personal mental health. We have to keep the toxic people out of our lives or build rules around our interactions with them.

I’d like to put a slightly different bent on the boundary conversation because to me they seem more like personal growth barriers.

If we are creating walls to keep people out… these same walls are keeping you trapped inside. I’m not sure this is helping you from a spirituality and mental health standpoint, or with personal growth.

Take the castle and the mote. How lonely the castle becomes. Once the bridge is lowered to let yourself out, the castle is left vulnerable. The two sides are then connected. What change has happened?

Nothing? Just you on one side with your story and them on the other side with their theirs.